Saturday, 25 September 2021

Misogyny Is Wallpaper. Discuss

 The 'moral panic' the left wibble on about does not exist; the real one is about the systematic erasure of women as a sex class in social and political discourse, and I believe we are damn right to panic. This is why.

There are five strands to this horrible trend are rooted in misogyny, that is, the hatred of women and the idea that we are, by our very nature as a sex class, inferior and therefore subordinate to men in every case and in every way:

  • presenting women as a mixed sex class to accommodate male people who want in
  • presenting the sexual and economic exploitation of women as empowering
  • presenting women as a collection of body parts and bodily functions rather than as whole persons
  • denying us the use of the word "women" to describe ourselves as a sex class, and
  • presenting those women who object to this as monstrous bigots

 Okay, let's take a closer look at this.

"A woman with a penis!"

I first encountered this phenomenon in 2016, and at that time I had some questions, which basically boiled down to, "What the hell? No. Why should I accept this without question?" I later learned that Shaed had repurposed the "Womyn's Centre" and effectively got it shut down. After that, I learned that this is a trend whenever a male person with a trans identity gets into a women's centre of any kind: they make it all about them and effectively shut it down. We can have nothing to ourselves; if a man wants to identify his way in, he must be welcomed and that is that. Breastfeeding, periods, menopause, even rape services—anything that men want to fetishise must be immmediately turned over to them without a murmur of complaint.

"Sex work is work"

Did you know that "sex work" encompasses a range of activity from pornography to stripping to cam work to streetwalking? You do now. And apparently this is empowering and stuff. Well despite the long record of violent abuse against women who work in each of these trades, it's still considered by the woke and the wonderful to be all empowering and stuff. If you clicked the last link, notice that Bell pretends that the abuses that Elly Arrow speaks of do not happen. They totally do. The only way to give the "sex work is work" brigade any credibility is to ignore the abuses as much as they do. Needless to say, they only promote this to women and girls.

"Individuals with a cervix"

The use of phrases like the one above is being presented as inclusive to accommodate trans men. If that were true, why do we seldom see it done to accommodate male people who identify as women? Take a look at the Prostate Cancer UK website. The language is precise but at no point does it ever describe men as "individuals with a prostate." Would not the same arguments as the ones made by the New Statesman in the link before apply here? Why not? In all the websites I surveyed in a search on "individuals with a prostate" I saw male people referred to as men. Few even referenced males with a gender identity that differs from their sex even though such people are also at risk. Don't their lives matter? Don't they resent being reminded of their sex due to their feelings about their gender identity? WHY does this only go one way?

Now we are "cis"

It's infuriating to see women being erased in law, policy, and social discourse as a discrete sex class with demands and needs of our own. Like women in totalitarian religious dictatorships, we must be accompanied by males at every turn. So now we are "cis" women, as opposed to the assorted trans identities, which are really just personalities. And it is erasure. "Woman" is the word that cannot be spoken unless it is specifically describing males who identify as us. It's as if they're daring us to challenge them. Game on. I am not a subset of my sex class and honestly, were it not for the decent trans people I'm friendly with, I'd despise the lot of them as usurpers and invaders. So, as my act of rebellion against the whole rotten system I'm now refusing to use the word "woman" to refer to any of them. Wi Spa did that, blame the woke folk. The upshot of this is that we can't complain about sex discrimination if the concept of discrete sex classes no longer exists in law or in social discourse, which is, of course, the object of the exercise. Hell, I've even seen Jennifer Pritzker listed as one of the richest women in the world to shut me up about sexism. Pritzker amassed that fortune as a male.

The boys who cried 'Transphobe!'

And that will bring us back to "D'oh!" Because of course it does. People I have known for years have written me off as a damn nazi while cheering on and excusing all of the above as if it doesn't apply to their own mothers and daughters, etc. Of course it does. So when the gender identity wolf finally comes for a female family member, will they turn on her as they did me or will they finally wake up to what they're doing to us? No group should ever be beyond criticism, especially for its excesses. Let's look again at the first link on this post and ask yourself why it seems wrong to you (if it does) to replace "trans" and "trans people" with women. Read it out loud with that substitution, replacing "transphobia" with "misogyny." There are places where it won't work, for example in the paragraph on counselling and therapy, since we are concerned about the lack thereof in those cases; affirmation-only does not meet a person's need to explore why they feel the way they do and consider less harmful ways of dealing with their situation—cross-sex hormones are basically poison and have negative consequences to the body. Desisters and detransitioners quickly find that the damage is permanent. But speaking of therapy and counselling, why can't women have same-sex therapists and counsellors?

Will the real moral panickers please stand up?

The real moral panic is on the trans side against women. Even though straight men are the ones who physically attack and abuse them, it is women who are obliged to bear the burden of dealing with this by letting strange men into our spaces. I am not going to ask how a naked man with a hard-on identifies if he's in a room in which I'm getting changed, damn it. I will order him out and if I'm kicked out myself, I will complain to the press. Try me. The issue here is not and never was about the existence of trans people, it's about perverted men taking advantage of Self-Id and the backlash against women who refuse to play ball(s). The sooner the rest of the world wakes up to this, the sooner we can all move on. And then I can get back to wibbling on about internet trends instead of having to cope with each new atrocity. As of today, we're not even people any more. The Lancet has demoted us. NOW do you believe me?

Sunday, 12 September 2021

Why I Can't Stop Talking About Trans Issues

Transgender MMA fighter beats and strangles a woman
I've not blogged in months because all I've got to talk about is trans issues and it seems like I'm going around in circles. Every time I've got some new angle, it's basically women being kicked in the teeth again. I can't give up, though, there's too much at stake. This picture basically sums up my attitude to transgender issues. Males beating up women while the woke cheer it on. No.

Monday, 31 May 2021

Stonewall's House Is Falling Down

House of cards. Source: PixabayThe LGBT+ UK campaign charity Stonewall has suffered a series of setbacks that will ultimately lead to its downfall—and not before time, according to its detractors. Why is this happening to a once-respected charity?

Monday, 29 March 2021

Police Called On Gay Man For Saying That Straight Women Are Not Gay Men

In the closet, a cartoon for On t'Internet
Have you noticed that the woke folk who bang on about cultural appropriation, etc., go quiet when the appropriation is carried out against people outside of their "protected" groups? Well, they've moved on from women to gay men now.

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Freedom of Speech: How Twitter Enforces The Spread Of Misinformation


What's wrong with this picture? Apparently I've violated the Twitter rules by stating a scientifically accepted fact, and by "accepted" I mean even Woke-ipedia accepts this as true.

Sunday, 14 March 2021

Don't Just Stand There, Do Something!

Every (blonde white) woman

The death of a pretty young middle-class white woman, apparently at the hands of a policeman, has sent shockwaves through the nation. Were it not for the allegations being made about who killed her, she'd be just another statistic. I want to talk about this.

Thursday, 11 March 2021

Scottish Women Avengers, Assemble

Silenced me

Scotland just passed a hate crime bill that makes it illegal to point out biological reality, a fact that affects the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and intersex people they claim to be all about protecting. They are, of course, nowhere to be seen when these people are being abused by TRAs. Okay, what can we do about it?