Sunday, 2 June 2013

Let's Link Up!

It makes good SEO sense to link to each others' businesses online. I'm happy to post links to other peoples' businesses as long as they satisfy the following criteria:

  • They link back to me

  • They're not directly competing with me

  • They're family-friendly

  • They're genuine businesses, not link farms

If you fit the above criteria and want to be linked here, contact me today to be added.

Link types

There are two kinds of links available here: simple links with a brief description, and small ads with graphics. Anyone who wants a graphic ad must reciprocate in kind.


Gadget Force
A mobile device wholesaler and retailer servicing the Nigerian market. We're specialists in mobile phones and related products such as tablets and accessories. That means we do it really well, with an unparalleled product range and offers.

Practical Digital
A one-stop shop for software and services online, it provides links to a range of companies that offer goods and services for sale on the internet. On each page there is some information about the company and links to their top-selling products.

Pyretta's Lair Gothic Clothing
Based in Scotland, we sell Gothic Clothing, Accessories, Home Decor, Spooky Dolls and Rock Merchandise. Petite to Plus Size. Free Shipping and discount for new customers.

Shop Now

Founded in 1978, and operating in over 150 countries, Forever and its affiliates have become the largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of organic aloe vera and bee products in the world.


Estate Agents Suck

We are not a commission based estate agency or some half baked internet version with a range of fees; we simply supply you with the tools to advertise your property. To stay updated on news about our next event, join the mailing list.

ISG Marketing Solutions

ISG Marketing Solutions provides SMS/Text Marketing services. Statistics show that within 10 minutes, 95% of text messages sent are read by the recepient... Imagine 95% of your customers will see your offer within the first 10 mins... no other marketing platform comes close to this. Email only has an open rate of 23%.

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