Monday, 26 May 2014

Free Stuff: Create The Perfect Slideshow/Gallery For Your Website

Well I wanted a nicer-looking slideshow than I got with the Photobucket iframe and I do believe I've found it. Cincopa provides a range of image display solutions, one of which I'm using right here for my gallery.

I did a fair bit of messing around with it before I discovered I was best off with the "list with lightbox" after all. It displays the images at their correct size and also provides a click-to-slide option. The other sliders and gallery displays warp the images and resize to fit; it'll only work as intended if all your images are roughly the same size.

Cincopa plugins work for most CMS including WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. As you can see, they also work right here on Blogger.

I'm very pleased with it. Try it yourself.

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