Sunday, 9 August 2015

Four Reasons To Hope Donald Trump Wins The Presidential Nomination

Donald Trump is a major wingnut with a huge pile of money who really, really wants to become the next US president. This is a terrible idea, but I'm still hoping he wins the Republican nomination to become their presidential candidate for the national elections next year. This is why.

I can actually think of four reasons why the weird-haired one should be the main Republican contender for the presidential elections next year and every one of them is to do with the fact that he's batcrap insane.

1. His campaign would hand the White House to the Democrats

Remember the Mitt Romney World Insult Tour? Result: Barack Obama got a second term because Romney was the best the Republican party could do; the man is a colossal prat. Donald Trump hasn't even left home and he's annoyed his nation's next door neighbours by accusing them of all sorts of horrible things. He's made more faux pas than the rest of the hair brained bunch that comprise the Republican clown car pileup put together, there's no way he's fit to grace the Oval Office. Can you imagine how he'd handle the likes of Vladimir "bare-chested bare-faced cheek" Putin? What about China? Trump doesn't DO nuance. You can't tell a world leader you don't like "You're fired!"

Why would this be good?

It's not, it's a little bit less bad. I'm no fan of the Democrats because they've been sucked into the neoliberal game and they're too damn chicken to take on the neocons. Owned by the major corporations, their next administration would still feature mass surveillance, extra-judicial killing of perceived enemies, mass incarceration for fun and profit, continuation of the War on Drugs, and other policies I don't like. Would you like your corporatocracy with or without welfare and reproductive rights? That's the choice for Americans today.

2. This would cause the Republican party to implode

They survived the last big test when Romney lost, and came to the conclusion that their policies were fine, they just weren't selling them effectively enough. This is WHY they need an absolute hammering in the next election. They've had two years to prove they can actually run the country and all they have done so far is try to stop President Obama from getting anything done as long as their corporate masters are happy. Since they were actually pretty gung-ho for TPP we can safely assume their corporate masters yanked their financial choke-chains and told them to knock it off for long enough to get TPP through. The Republican party needs to be broken up. The sooner, the better.

Why would this be good?

The Republicans and Democrats have a duopoly on political discourse and they've done everything they can to keep it that way. This is why I've been calling for the Republican party to break up; it would break up the duopoly and give third party candidates a chance to get elected. As it is, the media has convinced people that there's no point in voting for third parties since they either won't get enough votes to get their candidates into office or they'll "steal" votes from one of the main parties, letting the undesirable one win.

3. This would be good for democracy

During the last presidential debates, third parties were not represented at all. They had to have their own debates among themselves. What a joke that was! The point is, democracy is better served when there's a greater choice over who to vote for. I reckon binary thinking is being encouraged for a reason: to habituate people to choosing between two options. That way they won't complain about only having two to choose from. This needs to change, particularly when both choices are bad, even if they're bad in different ways.

Why this would be good?

The rest of the world tends to copy America. We've got a two-party system over here, too. Our society has recently begun the descent into either/or binary stupidity. Currently, the choice is between flat-cap socialism and heartless, soulless neoliberalism. This is being echoed all over the world. The only way to open up our options is to break up the duopoly. Bear in mind that the neoliberal disease has infected the allegedly progressive parties; if one of the parties breaks up, it will expose the illusion of choice for what it is and that needs to happen.

4. Real conservatism might finally find a voice

It annoys me to note that conservative has become a dirty word and currently means "Heartless nutbag." I would very much prefer it to mean "pragmatic steward of national values, etc." but I can't see that happening for now. Binary thinking forces us to choose between two extremes and leaves no room for a middle ground. The GOP (Republican Party) currently owns the narrative on conservatism, mostly because too few conservatives are pushing back, which allows the GOP to decide what conservatism IS. This is why they're lashing out at Trump: they don't want him doing that.

Why would this be good?

The trouble with being stuck in an echo chamber is the lack of dissent. Binary thinking creates and enforces echo chamber thinking, the result of which is a toxic environment in which the most extreme thinking tends to win out. The reason I'm hoping it'll be the Republican party that collapses is because they've been pandering to the crazy religious authoritarians to get the votes they need to gain power. These guys are more fond of violence than the wishy-washy Democrats and that's why they're trouble. If the GOP breaks up I'm hoping common sense will once again have a seat at the table and the nutters will be pushed back to the fringes where they belong. A rebooted GOP that puts people and the nation first ahead of corporate considerations would rip the spine out of neoliberalism Predator-style, and that needs to happen because the Democrats aren't going to do it, they're too busy chasing the corporate dollar.


If Trump gets onto the podium at the nominations stage the debates will be fun but it's unlikely he'll get any further than Ron Paul did because the Establishment won't let him. They'll pick the most ideologically correct candidate with the best hair and run him against the Democrat candidate, which seems likely to be Hillary Clinton. And she will wipe the floor with him, Benghazi notwithstanding. At which point the GOP will do some soul-searching, arrive at the conclusion that they didn't sell their message well enough and hopefully collapse beneath the weight of its squabbling factions. A girl can dream.

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