Saturday, 6 February 2016

The Ripoff Report Shakedown Service: Holding Your Reputation To Ransom

There is nothing I despise more than online bullies who use shady tactics to squeeze vulnerable people. Trolls usually only want to have a laugh at your expense, then move on. But Ripoff Report wants your money. This my experience of how they operate.

Ripoff Report correspondence:

My email to them

From: Wendy Cockcroft [mailto:****]
Sent: Thursday, February 4, 2016 4:22 PM
Subject: Wendy Cockcroft troll review

Dear sirs, 

please be advised that none of the assertions being made in the review linked here are true. This is not a real customer, it's actually a troll who has posted similar assertions on other consumer complaints boards including, and Yelp. This is the work of a troll who is attempting to use your site to start a flame war with me. This troll has also linked all these accusations on a twitter account, then tweeted @ me and my employers using the account @manchesterdregs and the name "Manuel Diaz."

The details vary from board to board but the upshot is basically that I demanded a cash payment upfront of $2000 or $3000, that I did a shoddy job, then threatened and blackmailed them so I could keep the money. The first question that comes to mind when reading these accusations is, "Why not go to the police? These are criminal offenses."

I can account for my movements for last year if asked; I can easily obtain a copy of my attendance records at work, etc., to compare with times or dates provided by my accuser of where and when the alleged handovers of $2000 or $3000 in cash are supposed to have taken place. I can also provide the records of the phone number my accuser alleges was used in our supposed transactions if required; if he called me the records will be there providing the times, dates, length of the calls and the number from which they came. If I really was guilty, would I be so willing to provide this information? You have only to ask.

As I said, this is the work of a troll. Please can you advise as to whether or not you will consider removing these false reviews? I assure you, the troll will not be able to provide you with any evidence against me because there is none.

Wendy Cockcroft

Ripoff Report's response to me

Ripoff Report <>
to me ▾

Ripoff Report does not remove Reports, as Ripoff Report has always had a uniform policy to not remove Reports.
Ripoff Report is a permanent record.

Read below so you can see how your search engine listings can look like this..  then click on the Report to see what we did for them…

We will all get complaints – how you handle them is what separates good businesses from the rest. 
You can always file a  Rebuttal – it’s free. explain your side, you can even attach photos, documents and any evidence to your rebuttal to back up your claims. This is completely FREE! if done correctly, this can make you look better and work as permanent positive advertising for you – there is no business that can go without complaints – no matter what you do for a customer, sometimes they will still complain.

If its false.. you should be able to respond to the Report in a way that shows what a good business you are.
Don’t be combative.
Show evidence why you are wrong, adding documents, photos and whatever you think you need to show you are the victim of a wrongful complaint .

People file false and frivolous lawsuits every day. Those lawsuit claims stay forever and found on the internet doing a search..

if that is not good enough …
If the complaints are personal in nature … You can also try and look at our VIP Arbitration program ..
This program is mostly for personal comments. If you are business, keep reading.BUT…
The above VIP Arbitration program does not include monitoring for new complaints like the program below.
The above VIP Arbitration program does not include creating NEW positive titles reflecting your commitment to customer service like the program below.
The above VIP Arbitration program does not include Ripoff Report sending out a photographer / writer to your business to verify your business and Ripoff Report writing a feature REVIEW about your business  like the program below..
Everything above is included in the program below.
do more for your business  like many other businesses have been doing
for over the past 14 years of our 17 plus years in business…  read below..
VIP Arbitration best works if the comments about you are personal in nature and you are not a business, although, businesses have used this program  .. just ask anyone of our members if they think the person who filed the complaint(s) actually did them a favor, and if they wish they would have joined the program below sooner.

But, again, you can always file a FREE rebuttal!

Even if we were to remove the Report (which we cannot do), what do you think would happen then?
Watch these 3 short YouTube Videos that will explain it all..
just ask any of our members if their business is better now than it was before they had NO complaints.
first Watch the short videos about Ripoff Report’s special programs and about Ripoff Report in the media– even if you have no complaints, you can become …Ripoff Report Verified™ ..TRUSTED BUSINESS Ripoff Report’s special programs and about Ripoff Report CLICK HERE

look at see why so many businesses are using
Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program - .. ..a program that does a lot for both consumers and businesses alike.

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Even businesses with NO complaints join the Corporate Advocacy Program..

Thru the Corporate Advocacy Program See below how you can become
Ripoff Report Verified  .. businesses consumers will trust.. !

Ripoff Report Verified™  STATUS:Ripoff Report Verified
Earning the Ripoff Report Verified status isn’t easy.  It takes serious dedication to customer service and satisfaction! Ripoff Report, through a few of their paid business membership programs has helped hundreds of businesses take the steps they need to making customers happy and keeping them that way - earning the status of being Ripoff Report Verified™.

In order to achieve the Verified status with Ripoff Report, and be able to advertise that they are Ripoff Report Verified™, business program members have to do the following:
1)     Allow a third-party verifier, at the beginning of program membership, conduct an on-site inspection, inclusive of taking photographs,(to ensure that the company is actually operating as a business) and conduct an interview with one or more staff members to learn about how the business operates in general;
2)     Make a written commitment to providing superior customer satisfaction regarding their products and services; and
3)     Make a written commitment to addressing any and all customer complaints made to Ripoff Report (whether in the past or in the future) promptly (typically within 14 days), reasonably, and fairly; erring on the side of the consumer when reasonable to do so.
·        If the Program deals with past Reports/complaints, then that business allows Ripoff Report to e-mail every individual who wrote a Report about them prior with the subject box title “[Business Name] contacts Ripoff Report to make things right with customers from the past...” * If the Report is found to be false, it will be exposed as such..
If the member business does not make things right with customers from the past and or those in the future, they will be removed from the program. Everything within reason. Ripoff Report does its best to not allow anyone to be taken advantage of. We do expect our members to err on the side of their customer. Something all businesses in the world needs to practice.

We all get complaints..!  no matter what you do for your customers.. they will still complain.

Best for consumers to see how a business took care of their complaints or let Ripoff Report expose them for what they are if false!
OR, let us show how your business fixed the Reported issues to avoid the same complaints in the future.
We all love to do business with a business that can admit mistakes and shows how they fixed them. _____________________________________
If you are losing money because of complaints in general on the Internet, ..
This is your solution .. this will also out shine anything else negative on the internet..

Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program?
..for short … the Corporate Advocacy Program.
,. A program that benefits the consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business. .  ..yes, a long name for a program that does a lot for both consumers and businesses alike.

What we do for your business will out-shine all other complaints you have on the Internet as well.

No more need to hire
SEO companies that will  just take your money and make things worse!
see this link  to see how these companies ripp off businesses just like  you. They cannot do what they say. 

We all look for what is negative on the Internet first. So, if we fix the Reports with your stated commitment to customer satisfaction, show what changes you made to avoid the reported problems you’ve had and or, we can show why the Reports are false .. this will change your business results on the internet the very hour we’ve made our changes. 

The only one that can fix Ripoff Reports is Ripoff Report..
Consumers read Ripoff Report over all other complaint sites.. 
There is no disputing, Ripoff Report is #1.
Again.. watch these 3 short YouTube Videos that will explain it all.. just ask any of our members if their business is better now than it was before they had NO complaints.
See this video
If you give a commitment to total customer satisfaction
(everything within reason)
your business can become Ripoff Report Verified™
This is what you would be agreeing to 
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Within 24 to 48 hours of joining the Corporate Advocacy Program, we have a photographer come to your business to take photos, to verify your business and take information for the feature story we will do about your business –  this feature story is placed before the original story, over 1,200 words with photos we take and photos and videos you may have on your business.
Look how your Reports can look once your business gives their commitment to customer satisfaction! This program is not for ever business.
Ripoff Report does not approve every business application.
See how search engines now look!...

Google / all search engine listings should change from a negative to a positive once we inject our  on-site REVIEW and commitment to customer satisfaction on  your business!

see the way  RR Auction now looks on Ripoff Report.

see the RED TEXT
before you get to the original Report that was posted, once you’ve clicked onto Ripoff Report from the Google LINK.    
ß look at the listing, then click on the Report – see the text in RED before the original Report.
This is the new way most Search Engines should look, and the way the Report might look depending on the Reported claims about your business for Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Program members.
See Dr Kevin Sands below ..
Depending on the Report and what is claimed, this is what we do to the Report.   
ß look at the listing, then click on the Report – see the text in RED before the original Report. You will first see over 1,200 words about the business with photos and Videos before the negative review.. !If the Reports are false, we will expose them for what they are.
We do a mailing to everyone that posted a complaint about your business so you can make things right with them. – if they don’t respond, we expose them!

Thru this unique / special program the member business gets to know who posted the Reports.
All businesses make mistakes .. how they take care of those mistakes is what separates good businesses from the rest.

STOP FUTURE COMPLAINTS = By giving your commitment to customer satisfaction – you can stop complaints from posting again by taking care of  them within 14 business days when we send you their complaint.

GET NEW FOUND BUSINESS - those that did not know who you were, will find the REVIEW on your business on search engines when looking for your competitors .. when the read what we wrote about your business, they will want to do business with you rather than your competitor. Just ask anyone of our existing members.

if the Reports is false – we expose it and show why it was false – read the above link on Storm tight windows.
Or send an email to
Put in the subject box Corporate Advocacy Program – (your company name)
Tell us the names you go by and how many reports there are about your business.
Tell us your contact info – no one will be calling – we will email you back a full application so we can send you the rates.

ED Magedson -
a Worldwide Consumer Reporting News Agency consumers, for consumers 

PO BOX 310, Tempe, AZ 85280
602-359-4357 when selection starts, press 5 ...then, three seconds later press 1... Say who you are!

See about
Ripoff Report’s special programs and about Ripoff Report in the media
Our mission:
▪  empower consumers
▪  expose wrongdoing

Do for others as you would want them to do for you
ED Magedson: Founder, Ripoff Report
Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program,. A program that benefits the consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business. .  ..yes, a long name for a program that does a lot for both consumers and businesses alike.

The correct response, in my opinion

Wendy Cockcroft <****>
to Ripoff ▾

Dear sir,

I have seen your service in action against a libelled lawyer. As a result I'd give a public toilet wall more credibility than yourselves.

Ripoff Report accepts troll reviews whether evidence to refute them is available or not, then claims that the information in those reviews is accurate, can be trusted, and that Ripoff Report can help businesses.

I don't run a business any more, I'm a private individual. Thank you for attempting to shake me down by holding my reputation hostage, but I'll pass.


Wendy Cockcroft

What can we do about this?

For as long as shady operations like Ripoff Report can continue to hide behind America's First Amendment on freedom of speech, they can pretend to benefit consumers by providing them with a platform to complain about bad business practices while actually harming them by allowing false information to be posted, challenged only by a counter-notice posted on the same page.

We need to be able to speak freely

While it is true that we need platforms on which to seek redress for bad service, we don't need to have our reputations held hostage by companies that will only remove false claims if we pay them to. That's not freedom of speech, that's free rein for trolls and paid speech for their victims.

I am not the only person who has been put in this situation and the number of people complaining against these false consumer advocates is growing. When their number reaches critical mass, expect change. In the meantime, don't be too quick to believe the false reports you see on those websites, otherwise you will end up believing that I paid a troll to smear me online so I could get into Z movies.

We need truthful, accurate information

I can't help thinking that some kind of regulation may become necessary so that false consumer advocates can't shake us down when trolls use their websites to libel us. However, I'm aware that bad law can and does result from attempting to legislate public behaviour. Banning anonymity is not the answer because I may find myself having to adopt a pseudonym if I want to be able to publish my opinions on my blog without risking losing my job. I don't really know what else we can do about these shady operators except get these stories out in the open and get everybody talking about them until something is done to effect change. The loss of credibility among those of us who have been affected by this might well be enough.

What do you think?

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