Sunday, 26 November 2017

Brexit: Leavers Bank On "Democracy," EU, To Make It Work.

Brexit Britannia, a Wendy Cockcroft cartoon for On t'Internet
If there was ever a reason to attempt the reversal of the Brexit process it's the fact that Leavers utterly refuse to take responsibility for the mess they've made. This is a problem across the political spectrum in which ideological dogma rules the roost. Is there anything we can do about it?

The state of play

This is where we're up to with regard to the Brexit process:

The Remain side has been warning about this for a long time but nobody on the Leave side listens to us. Why not? This tweet exchange reveals why:

Twitter exchange on Brexit
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Basically, they've convinced themselves that anyone who is not for them is against them, legitimate considerations be damned. Democracy's only meaning (and enforcement) lies with those on the "right" side. And this is as bad on the right as on the left. This ridiculous adherence to ideology no matter what is why I don't vote Labour or Tory. They're as bad as each other. Meanwhile, the country is in a vulnerable position, in danger of ending up on the WTO where international trade is concerned.

Is there any hope?

The right wing press is increasingly expressing doubt about Brexit. Needless to say they're blaming the intransigent Europeans instead of accepting that the Golden Rule applies: he who has the gold makes the rules. They're confused about who actually has the gold and therefore the rule-making abilities. Hint: not the UK. Anyone who has actually read Article 50 would realise that triggering it meant that we'd abide by it. Like it or not, we're in limbo until we either crash out without a deal or thrash one out at the last minute. This is not the EU being anti-democratic — we gave Blair the mandate to sign us up to the Lisbon Treaty and that's what he did, per Brexiter logic. He won, get over it.

Leavers need to get a clue

One of the main reasons why there's so much bickering over Brexit is because Leavers are too busy slandering Remainers and the EU itself to actually know and understand what they're dealing with. You can't just rock up to the EU Commission and rant a load of slogans at them. That's not how it works. Nor can you expect your right wing colleagues in a half-forgotten colony to back you up; they won't. And don't even think about asking Big Business to dig you out of your hole; that is your problem. Oh, and don't expect me to believe in your FTA fantasies till I see the preliminary paperwork, including position papers. What we're likely to get in practice is the ability to tack on to a done deal with no say in the process thereof. Don't even think about trying to brush off the Russian influence and dark money aspects of this grubby game; people have been misinformed. That's not democracy. Brexit is not worth burning down the house for, people. We need competent government but instead we've got ideologues.

What can we do?

The only thing we can do is write to our MPs to share our concerns. Hopefully they'll put petty partisanship and ideological dogmas aside to do their damn job. A girl can dream.

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