Writing Credits

For many years I’ve had the inestimable pleasure of writing for myself and for others. I have four blogs, On t'Internet, If Wishes Were Horses, IPR Abuse Reports, and my Medium account, where I post those pieces that don’t belong on my other blogs. I also make online Comics - an ever-expanding collection of mobile-friendly internet comic strips.

These are the works I’m most proud of:

Linked In: The Story And The Message - How effectively do you present yourself and/or your business online?

Guest blogging

38 Degrees Manchester - I write articles for the pressure group platform from the perspective of a moderate conservative hoping to effect change in our society.

Pirate Party UK Blog - I write articles for this growing political party from the perspective of a moderate conservative hoping to effect change in our society.
Pirate Party UK Magazine: 'Middle-Out' A Pirate Solution For The Economy?

Falkvinge & co. on Infopolicy: The Next Big Battles
Falkvinge & co. on Infopolicy: The Scary Spectre Of Perpetual Copyright
Falkvinge & co. on Infopolicy: Obama's Second Term: The Battle For Digital Rights Continues
Falkvinge & co. on Infopolicy: The Unitary Patent And Why We Should Be Worried
Wendy Cockcroft On Industry and the Future for Injection Molding Weekly

Digital Business: Creating a customised Facebook page for a small business

Techdirt: Wendy Cockcroft's Favorite Techdirt Posts Of The Week
Techdirt: Canadian Cities Looking To Opt-Out Of CETA Rather Than Get Roped Into An ACTA-Like Situation
Techdirt: India's ACTA: Intellectual Property Rights And Secrecy Stall Treaty
Techdirt: UK Hands Out Tax Breaks For 'Using' Patents


The Night Walkers - a short story in the Bloody Parchment Volume One anthology
Zombie Santa - a festive comedy horror story illustrated by myself
Canterville's Quest - a novella in which a TV medium plans a séance at the site of the Titanic, one hundred years after its sinking
The Marconi Men - a dramatised account of the Titanic's radio operators, who battled to save the passengers

I'm really quite prolific and have also written songs and short plays which have been performed at Fairfield Halls, Croydon; at The Tabernacle, London; and at Keele University.

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