Friday, 3 June 2011


My clients and associates are happy to recommend me. They have made positive comments online, sent emails, and left testimonials and recommendations/endorsements on the social networking media. I've linked the comments where possible.


“It has been a great pleasure working with Wendy on the TEDx project. I have learnt a lot from her. She has a hawk's eye for detail and a very creative mind. Her efficiency keeps you on your toes at all times. She likes to take challenges and has her own unique way of trying new things to bring improvements and surprise people. She knows how to maintain consistency & high standard at every level. Her social media strategy has greatly contributed positively to our TEDx project and has received a lot of compliments. Apart from her commendable work ethics, she has a very understanding personality, easy-going and good to get along with, has a great humor and gives great advice.”--Mishal Saeed, curator of TEDxSalford recommended me on Linked In.

 Peter Anti posted to Wendy Cockcroft Wendy, thank you so much for talking me through my Facebook company page! Your patience in leading me through each step of the process is really appreciated. Pete. -- Peter Anti of Concentric Lettings, in a Facebook post.

Steve Gordon of Acore Development & Training hired me to work on his website after Mumba recommended me. He was so pleased with the results he praised me twice.

“Very responsive and follows through with agreed aims.”— Acoredt Gordon on Jun 24, 2011, in Branch Out.

“The complete professional, I would advise anyone who demands quality work delivered in the way you want to give Wendy a chance to show what she can do.
One of my best decisions was to contact Wendy and follow up our discussion by employing her to create my website.” June 29, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time  Steve Gordon hired Wendy as a IT Consultant in 2011, recommendation on Linked In.

Mumba Kafula of Dynamic Heights Training hired me to assist and advise on domain purchase, set up and build her website, assist and advise on SEO and social media, and help her to learn how to use her blog.

In a recent email she said,

"I'm learning fast and feeling more confident in this area. Thanks for all your support here."

Piete Botter of Executive Business Services has subcontracted to me for a few web design jobs, including his own.

"Wendy Cockcroft has worked very hard to make my websites both functional and beautiful. I have already started recommending her to my friends." --Executive Business Services testimonial on BT Tradespace, 7th March 2011.

My first client was Charlotte Loveland of Remember the Balrog, a fantasy forum. I volunteered to make alterations to the forum's theme using images provided by some of the members; to update the software as and when required; to add, customize and integrate a story archive for the creative writers; and to serve as a forum administrator. She is willing to supply references for me if required. In a recent email, she said,

"You're the one that's put most of the work into the site anyway and I am so glad that it's helped you find work! It's been great for us to have someone around to work on the site that knows what they're doing. We're used to just doing all of it, which can drag things out if we get busy or our internet dies (which happens all too frequently these days). Your web site looks awesome too!"


Ed Andrea of Dash Help and I have been collaborating on a series of tutorials for using WordPress. He's a developer and wanted input from a designer and user's point of view.

“Wendy has written, and continues to write some exceptional articles, and is a joy to work with. She knows what she is writing about.” — Ed Andrea on Jun 17, 2011, in Branch Out.

Tony Leather is an internet associate who writes articles for an assortment of websites including Triond. He's a member of my Creative Circle group on Facebook. We swap tips on SEO and social media.
“Wendy is an incredibly helpful, friendly and talented lady whose services are second to none.”— Tony Leather on Jun 17, 2011, in Branch Out.

Tom Farebrother is a personal friend. He's a photographer who sells his work to photostock libraries and we often discuss gallery software, graphics, and SEO.

“Wendy has a quick and creative mind, and a good eye for what's current and what works in web design.”— Tom Farebrother on Jun 20, 2011, in Branch Out.

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