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Words: 20006 (approximate)
Language: British English
ISBN: 9781476497235

The Marconi Men

Jack Phillips and Harold Bride were the wireless operators on the ill-fated cruise ship Titanic. Working in shifts, they sent company messages, weather reports, and telegrams twenty four hours a day.

Employed by Marconi, they answered to the captain and were considered a frivolous addition rather than the essential staff they would prove to be.

Meanwhile, on Carpathia, their friend Harold Cottam worked alone, snatching sleep when his workload allowed. Captain Arthur Rostron loved technology and marvelled at the "sparks" and their equipment.

Both ships were crewed by experienced men at a time when radio was a new- fangled curiosity and Titanic was the largest object afloat.

This is their story.

Canterville's Quest

When Captain Engelhardt of the ship Mary Jane agrees to take television medium Edward de Montfort Canterville to the site of the Titanic's sinking to conduct a live séance, production manager Patricia Shepherd has to deal with the stress of an unruly crew, Edward's theatrics, and the task of creating a programme that will make or break her career.

As shadows of the past emerge, Patricia has to deal with the uncertainties they bring — and the possibility that she is taking on more than she bargained for.

Who is Captain Engelhardt? Is Edward's gift real?

The answers are in Canterville's Quest.

Words: 21264 (approximate)
Language: British English
ISBN: 9781476175430

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Coming soon:

Vulcan's Wrath


In the Roman town of Pompeii, the feast of the god Vulcan approaches. A little girl, Vita, becomes an acolyte.

Meanwhile, a freedman, Amicus, dreams of a better life for himself and his wife and takes a job helping make repairs to the temple, which is falling out of favour as new gods begin to displace the old ones.

Eusebius the Pontiff has his hands full coping with the portents and the people's fears as smoke begins to rise from Mount Vesuvius.

When Vita has visions that warn her of impending doom, she finds she has to make a choice between saving her town or herself.

Will she be able to calm the wrath of Vulcan? Can she make the Pontiff understand that she's not just looking for attention? And what will happen to Amicus?

Find out in Vulcan's Wrath.

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