Sunday, 15 July 2012

Techdirt Honour For Yours Truly

I can't believe how lucky I am — no less a person than respected tech journalist Glyn Moody invited me to write Techdirt's Favorite Posts of the Week column on Friday. Needless to say I was over the moon and wrote it up as quickly as I could, not expecting it to actually get published but... here it is! That's not even the best part...

I've been +1ing, sharing, and retweeting posts from Glyn on Google Plus and Twitter because they are interesting and push my activist buttons. Thanks to Glyn I learned a lot about SOPA and ACTA. He writes about human rights, digital rights, and the environment. When a Plusser (Google Plus user) shared one of his posts, I circled him and have been following him ever since.

Commenting on his posts led to an informal alliance and I've often linked his work on Internet Freedom Movement. We've been corresponding even more lately and it's culminated in the Favorite Techdirt Posts of the Week article that he gave me the opportunity to write. Anyway...

Say No To CETAThere's a new treaty, CETA, in the works. It's the Canadian-EU Trade Agreement, and I'd been hoping Mike would write about it. I supplied him with some information but he's so busy that, when we discussed it he suggested I write it. I've sent in a first draft and a finished version. Cross your fingers for me!

If he doesn't post it in Techdirt, I'll post it here. But oh, I'd be so chuffed if he did!

I've made this little graphic to go with it because... well... I can! I think it looks both threatening and cool so it probably has a chance of being used as the "official" symbol. My ACTA one didn't really take off but this one might.

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