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From time to time I partner with other companies so we can promote each other's services and I can offer services I can't deliver myself. Everybody benefits.

ISG Marketing Solutions is offering a 30 day trial of their SMS/Text Marketing services.

Statistics show that within 10 minutes, 95% of text messages sent are read by the recepient... Imagine 95% of your customers will see your offer within the first 10 mins... no other marketing platform comes close to this. Email only has an open rate of 23%

If you have a list of customers and are not sending them offers with text messaging (as long as they agree for you to send them offers via text) you are missing out on a lot of recurring business.

Try out the service FREE for 30 days. We will work with you to discuss the best type of promotions to send to your customers to help build your customer mobile phone list and the type of offer to send your customers that brings in more business for you.

To get started, Visit isgmarketingsolutions.com/contact, fill out the online form and we will contact you and help you to start connecting and promoting to your customers with sms, and bring in more business for you.

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What Is Text Message Marketing?

SMS (Short Message Service) Text Message Marketing is the ability to send “permission-based” text messages to a group of people who have opted-in to your mobile list.

The small, yet powerful, 160 character space is one of the best marketing tools available today.


Why?Why Text Message Marketing?

  • Most Mobile Users Send and Receive Text Messages Daily

  • Text Messaging is the Most-Used Mobile Service

  • Consumers ALWAYS Have Their Mobile Devices with Them



Text Message Marketing Ideas

  • Offer Mobile Coupons and Discounts

  • Use Appointment Reminders to Cut Down on “No-Shows”

  • Send Text Message Offers on Slow Days to increase traffic

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