Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Pirate Party And Middle-Out Economics: Why You Must Vote Pirate In The Next Election

On the 7th May 2015, Britain goes to the polls for the General Election. Please, before you even think of voting, read this post.

If the tweet above doesn't fill you with confidence, it should. The link will take you to Business Insider, where Henry Blodget extols the virtue of an economic system I truly believe is the future: middle-out economics.

It works like this: expand the middle class to bring in more tax revenues, increase spending in the retail and service sectors, and raise the minimum wage to get people out of food banks and off welfare.

Yesterday, I told the Pirate Party it has till next year to start pushing this as hard as it can. They've heeded me and this is their response. I'd like to see the UK Pirates pushing it now. It'd put us light years ahead of the other parties, who still believe in the failed "trickle-down" system so beloved of the Conservative Party. The other parties also believe in it as if there's no alternative, and their plans are to compensate for its excesses instead of getting rid of it and doing something else instead. If the UK Pirates formally adopt it as the foundation of their economic policies, I can't see the point of voting for any other party.

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