Monday, 1 May 2017

GE2017: Denialism Rules The Roost

Me in denial, cartoon by Wendy Cockcroft for On t'Internet
Denialism has come to British politics. It has infected political discourse for so long flippin' White Van Man is doing it now. If you don't like what you see or hear, it ain't true. What does this mean for Brexit and the election on 8th June?

Yesterday I asked what kind of world we want to live in as I'm none too happy with the one we've got not. Now I find that even those people who don't like the status quo are so afraid of changing it they have resorted to outright denialism when confronted with truths about their pet positions. I'm used to seeing it in America; I'm just not used to seeing it over here. The key areas I'm seeing it in are Brexit and the general election.


One of the standout moments of Brexit so far is the epic whingeing from the press about us being punished by having EU agencies moved to EU countries instead of remaining in a country that is not in the EU. That is symptomatic of the Brexit have-the-cake-and-eat-it mentality. It's not just crazy, it's common. They are in complete denial of what Brexit means. On what planet do you host the agencies of an organisation you're not a member of? What, did they really think that we could get rid of free movement and the ECJ and keep everything else? Are you kidding me?

Invincible ignorance

The trouble with neoconservatism (it's the bastard son of neoliberalism) is that its adherents believe they create their own reality and the rest of us are left to study it. This frees them to believe that a certain situation is the case, which they insist on in the face of the evidence until it either happens or the system propping up their narrative collapses. This is why they don't tend to bother to learn about a given situation they are dealing with; inconvenient facts might get in the way of the narrative they're building.  Our EU counterparts are running into this and are therefore understandably perplexed. Someone needs to tell them it's just the Brexiteers creating reality. Study it, boys, study it.

As the Government moves towards Brexit talks, former judge Sir David said severing ties with Europe’s highest court in Luxembourg will not be as simple as “Leave means Leave.” 
He said he was “astonished” by the “invincible ignorance” of many ministers, calling claims that Britain will be able to achieve autonomy from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) “misleading” if it later plans to trade with EU member states. 
“You can escape the jurisdiction of the ECJ, but you have got to comply with EU standards if you are going to export into the EU,” he told The Independent. 
“And who decides what these standards are ultimately if there’s a problem? It’s the ECJ.” - Anti-EU ministers show 'invincible ignorance' over European Court, says top ex-judge, by Lucy Pasha-Robinson for the Independent

Ah, they've studied it and come to the conclusion that the Brexit brigade is deluded. This is why they're being caught on the hop by wily Irish politicians working towards a United Ireland. You can't ignore reality effectively if you actually pay attention to what's going on, can you?


It's bad enough that Our Glorious Leaders are in a different galaxy to the rest of us but honestly it seems that voters are joining them in their away-with-the-fairy-ness.
I'll be waiting for a while for evidence that this right wing troll is wrong. Poverty denial is a thing, people. As my lefty friends point out that nurses are going to food banks, right-wingers are claiming that it's spend-thriftiness that drives them there, not poverty. "Learn to live on your low wage, you scrounging scum!" is the message. Why would ANYONE vote for people who think like that? If you have the option to work in a job that pays better you'll take it, leaving the kind of work you need to be able to trust people to do to whoever is willing to live on the breadline and potentially never have a family because you'd never be able to afford to feed your kids.


Electoral expenses scandals have been floating about in the news but that doesn't seem to bother the Tory voters much. I can see why: they're in complete denial about it. Now that it seems that Mrs. May's husband MIGHT have been cashing in on Brexit will they change their minds? Nope. Per this thread they're already in denial about it. People aren't discussing politics any more, they're talking at each other.

Strong and stable?

Our Tess has been repeating the words "Strong and stable leadership" as if she actually knows what she's doing. Per her ridiculous antics this week, which culminated in hiring a village hall ostensibly for a children's party so she could rally the Tory faithful, no she doesn't. Law blogger David Allen Green has called her out for doing the exact opposite where Brexit is concerned. She's not getting on with the job, the job is getting the better of her.

What now?

The left has been making a meal of the disarray in the Tory party. Scenting blood, they appear to have quit infighting and started to seriously take them on. I actually want the left to come on top in this election because politics has gone too far to the right. A Labour win (however remote it seems now) would reset the scales and give us back the middle ground. The right has got nothing to offer us at all, only misery, austerity, and a dog-eat-dog society that puts money front and centre. This is not a world I want to live in. It's certainly not conservative — it's fascist.

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